Online Learning

The goal of Virtual Hugs is to connect people with their family and friends by teaching them how to use the Internet safely with their digital devices.

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Virtual Hugs Monthly Newsletter

You might not be quite ready to sign up for the online course but there are other options. Once a month we send out a newsletter which is sent to your email address. You will need to confirm your email before it can be sent to you. Fill in your details and click submit.


Step by Step Instruction

Virtual Hugs is a clear, visual based teaching program that does not assume the user has prior knowledge of online technology. The step by step instructions show basic skills which are explained multiple times and referenced clearly. The Virtual Hugs Notebook is available for people who wish to take notes for their own personal reference. There is also a Virtual Hugs Guidebook available for individuals who would prefer to read the content instead of watching the videos.

Video Instruction and Online Learning

Once the user is connected to the Internet it is important that their skills continue to expand to make use of this new medium. Connecting to online learning via video instruction is key to keeping the information fresh and relevant. As new technologies become available it is important to continue learning and understanding what it all means. By becoming a member of the Virtual Hugs community it is possible to access the videos at anytime and anywhere that there is an Internet connection. Updates and new videos will be uploaded as new features become available on the existing social media and video chat platforms. Membership is a six month, renewable access to the online community including educational videos, weekly emails on various topics, and a Facebook community page to connect with other distance learners and access live online events.

Bridging the Digital Divide

In Britain, 19% of the population over the age of 65 is connected to the Internet. This leaves 81% or nine and a half million people without access to the world wide web. As businesses gradually convert to online communication it becomes increasingly isolating for people who don't have access. Health care services, banks and other organisations are turning away from the paper waste of physical newsletters and are instead sending e-zines or electronic magazines via email instead. If someone doesn't get email then they miss out on the news of the group and become even more isolated. The goal of Virtual Hugs is to Help Users Gain Skills providing easy to follow instructions to get on the Internet and then friendly video instructions to assist with learning this new language of technology and to connect with friends and family.